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USB 2.0-A to HDMI adapter

  • HW-1403
  • JMTO

Product features

Acquisition software, such as VLC, OBS, Amcap, etc.;

 *Support Windows, Android and MacOS;

*Comply with USB video and UVC standards;

*Comply with USB audio UAC standard;

*No external power supply, compact and light.


HDMI resolution: the maximum input can be 3840×2160@30Hz

Support video format: 8/10/12 bit deep color

Video output format: YUV, JPEG

Video output resolution: the maximum output can reach 1080 at 1920×30Hz

 Support audio format: L-PCM

Input cable distance: ≤15m, AWG26 HDMI standard cable

Maximum working current: 0.4A/5VDC

 Operating temperature range: (-10 to +55°C)

  ◆Multipoint video conference application;

  ◆Network remote monitoring and remote network TV live broadcast;

  ◆Field image acquisition and storage, real-time image acquisition, processing and analysis, field surveillance video recording system, video phone computer photography

  ◆Medical imaging, car driving license, industrial inspection, medical endoscopy, security monitoring, traffic capture, highway toll, remote medical machine vision

 ◆ Cell atlas electronic teaching beauty salon card production computer portrait biometric artificial intelligence financial ticket electronic police

 ◆ Machine vision pathology microscopic image analysis, culture and sports and other video image display, collection and analysis fields


Product information

Product name USB 2.0-A to HDMI adapter
Color Black
Length /
Support charging NO
Support video transmission Yes
Support data transmission NO



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