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USB 3.0-A to HDMI adapter White

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JMTO has 6 major advantages:

1. Provide solutions for customers (in terms of transmission and connection in all communication equipment fields, we can provide customers with new solutions, seamless docking, and free samples)

2. Automated operation, precise and efficient (70% of the products are fully automated)

3. National laboratory, quality assurance

4. Cost advantage (the integration of upstream and downstream supply chains, raw material costs have certain advantages over peers)

5. 100% on-time delivery (22 production lines, daily production capacity of 150,000, we can deliver the bulk goods within 10 days after placing the order.)

6. Strong sales service as support (the product can be replaced at any time if there is any production quality problem)


Product features

This USB3.0 to HDMI high-definition converter allows you to connect the USB interfaces of desktop and laptop computers to high-definition display devices.

This way you can watch full HD videos or slideshows on large screens with HDMI input ports, such as HDTVs, projectors, and slide projectors.

The output resolution is up to 1080p (this is related to the resolution of your computer's output signal)

2. [Product parameters]

Support system: Windows XP Vista Win7/8 system, support multi-screen function up to 6 screens

Product shell: aluminum alloy shell, beautiful and durable, better protection of internal chips

Connector material: 24K gold-plated interface

Wire body material: use high density and large area oxygen-free copper

Product color: silver/black (white wire, aluminum alloy shell)

Product specifications: USB3.0 supports a maximum resolution of 2048x1152, including 1600×1200, 1920x1080, 1.65Gbps/165MHz/24bits bandwidth; HDMI output port supports 1.65Gbps/165MHz/24bits bandwidth

Three [product features]

3.1 Support USB2.0/USB3.0 input of desktop computer or laptop

3.2 Support video output: HDMI signal, support HDMI 1.3b

3.3 Comply with USB3.0 specification

3.4 Support USB3.0 backward compatibility

3.5 Support functions: 1 main display, 2 extended display, 3 mirroring

3.6 HDMI output resolution: support 480P/576P/720P/1080P

3.7 Support computer operating system: /Win7 (32/64bit)/ Win8 (32/64bit) Other systems do not support

3.8 Support multi-screen function to output video synchronously to display on HDTV, projector, slide projector and other high-definition equipment, easy to install and operate


Product information

Product name USB 3.0-A to HDMI adapter
Color Black
Length /
Support charging NO
Support video transmission Yes
Support data transmission NO






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