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Treatment Advantage

 1. The basic salary for employees on the production line is RMB 1720 per month, the overtime( beyond 5 days/ 8hours)is calculated per the labor law. The seniority bonus is 100 yuan/month after 3 months, 200 yuan/month after 1 year,  300 yuan/month after 2 years.
 2. Some technicians and group leaders are entitled to basic salary, skill allowance, overtime pay, seniority award, and performance bonus.
 3. Implement a monthly salary system for management and technical positions, with different high salary treatments according to the positions and skills.
4. Management and technical positions are offered one or two times for salary increase per year according to their performance.
5. Have our own canteen to provide each employee with healthy and nutritious food, and regular arrangements for additional food and fruits.
 6. Provided superior internal dormitory with hot water, air conditioner, fan, WIFI, and independent bathroom.
 7. All employees shall sign the labor contract when being hired.
 8. Organize various kinds of cultural and sports activities, such as singing competition, ball competition, tug-of-war competition, chess competition, calligraphy and painting competition, etc.
 9. Hold the annual party every year with lucky draws.
 10. Hold birthday party and give gifts every month; provide meals for the staff who stay factory during the Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, and the Spring Festival.
 11. The company holds a series of training on skills, technology and management from time to time, such as training for internal clerks, backup inspectors, backup team leaders, technicians, CNC technicians, junior engineers and senior engineers.   


Purchasing Specialist

1. Familiar with basic materials of usb cable industry, and familiar with the basic production process. Familiar with wire, connector and plastic materials is preferred.
2. Familiar with the ERP system of yi fei is preferred, and have certain experience in purchasing orders and following materials under the ERP system.
3. Familiar with the basic operation process of usb cable industry factories, able to handle abnormal events independently, and familiar with L/T time of materials.
4. Good communication skills, independent statistics and analysis of data, to find abnormal from the data, so as to find problems.


Equipment Engineer

1. Know automatic equipment operation and debugging.
2. Proficient in debugging of laser machines, radium carving machines, terminal machines, etc.
3, Understand the basic principles of machinery and equipment.
4. Kown fixture design and development.
5, Able to debug the vertical molding machine is preferred.


Business Merchandiser

1. Familiar with ERP, EXCEL, WORD and other office software.
2. Have a certain understanding of USB cable products.
3. Have strong communication skills and able to work under pressure.

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