Did you buy the right fast charging cable? There is so much knowledge inside!

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Smart era, mobile phone data line has become our daily necessities, and the quality of mobile phone data line on the market is uneven, bad line may use a month to break down, and even security risks. The following describes the fast charging data line purchase guide, take you off safely!

Most data cables can be used for both charging and transmitting data, while some can't be charged or have a variety of other functions. You need to read the description of the function before you buy.

The following points should be considered when choosing a fast charging data cable
  • security
  • Interface type
  • Performance
  • Material 

    01 Pay Attention to Security

    Try to choose the data line produced by the regular manufacturer, whether it is product research and development, production level or quality inspection test, there are strict processes, after-sales is also guaranteed.

    For example, Apple's data cable must pass Apple's official MFi certification, regular manufacturers' products can also check the UPC/EAN code in Apple's official website, security is beyond doubt.

    Uncertified ones will work, but the following problems may occur.

    ! Tip [This accessory may not be supported]

    ! It's charging for now, but when the system is upgraded, it may not

    ! It can only charge, not transmit data

    ! Charging tends to be hot and may damage the phone's battery

    02 Viewing Interface Type

    If the interface type does not match, the interface cannot be inserted at all. If the fast charging protocol does not match, the expected charging speed may not be achieved. Most data cables do not have a charging protocol.

    The most common types of mobile phone interfaces are Type-C, Micro and Lightning, which are easy to distinguish.

    03 Look at charging and transmission performance

    In terms of charging, the mobile phone determines the upper limit of charging speed, and the charger determines its lower limit, so it is best to look at the fast charging scheme of the mobile phone first.

    For example, your mobile phone supports 10V/6A that is 60W fast charge, but you use the charging head and charging cable is 10V/1A that is 10W, the mobile phone can only have 10W charging speed, charging nature is very slow.

    In terms of transmission, the main data line interface version, and the equipment also supports this version to achieve the ideal speed.

    04 See material 
    (1) Joints: High quality joints will be made of antioxidant materials, and after many laboratory plug and pull tests, long-term durability.

    (2) Inner core: good data line using thick high quality core, coupled with multi-layer shielding anti-interference, charging fast and stable. According to the type of mobile phone, safety resistance and smart chip will be set in the high-quality data line.


    (3) external quilt: in the process of using a mobile phone, if the line is often bent and more violent, it is recommended to choose woven. Not too violent to use, ordinary cortex on the line, net tail reinforced better. If the pursuit of the best texture, feel, choose a skin-friendly line, such as TPE.

    JMTO fast charging data line with high safety, complete product types, strong performance, superior material, all-round to meet your needs, you are worth having!



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