How much damage does it do to the battery to leave the phone charging overnight before going to bed?

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Mobile phones are indispensable to us every day. We use them every day and charge them regularly every day. Sometimes we leave our phones to charge before we go to bed in order to leave our phones fully charged in the morning. So the question becomes, does it damage the battery of our phones to charge overnight? What's going on?

There are two main ways to say that there is no damage to the mobile phone battery. One is to say that there is, and the other is to say that there is no. In fact, this is mainly determined by the model of the mobile phone and the way of charging.

If it is the previous old mobile phone, put the charge for a night, the battery damage to the mobile phone is very big, but now most of the mobile phone are smart phones, also adopted the battery management scheme, so now put the mobile phone to charge for a night, can be said to have no effect on the mobile phone battery. But we also need to pay attention to our charging habits.

Now most of the smart phone is lithium battery, also adopted the battery management scheme, after full charge will automatically power off, the phone and the battery are load end, the phone is powered by the charger directly, so the phone is put to charge a night of electricity, there is no damage to the battery.

But there is a premise that we must use the original charger, the original charger will automatically power off when fully charged, and plug in the charger, the phone uses the charger's power, not the battery's power. If not the original charger, continuous charging may cause damage to the phone battery.

Besides, we should avoid these mistakes when charging our phones

1.When charging, do not pay attention to the ambient temperature, for example, put the phone under the pillow to charge, or put it on the microwave oven to charge, it will affect the heat dissipation of the phone, is very dangerous.

2.To play with the mobile phone while charging, this habit is also very bad, if conditions permit, we can turn off the mobile phone after charging.

3.To charge with a mobile phone case, lithium battery is very afraid of heat, charging time needs a good heat dissipation, and with a mobile phone case will affect the normal heat dissipation of the mobile phone, so usually when we charge the mobile phone at night, it is best to take off the mobile phone case.

With these points in mind, we can charge our phones more safely.

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