Which charging methods hurt the most? TYPE C fast charging cable manufacturers tell you

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Charging a mobile phone is a normal thing. If you use your mobile phone a little more frequently, you should charge your mobile phone at least once a day. However, you know what?

The following 4 charging methods are very harmful to the phone:

Playing games, watching TV, browsing Weibo, or reading novels while charging can make it hard to stop at first. When the mobile phone reminds that the battery is low, I don't want to interrupt it, so I plug in the charger and continue to charge while playing the mobile phone. This is a very harmful charging method for the mobile phone. Playing while charging makes the phone discharge while charging, which is easy to get hot. In the long run, it will seriously affect the life of mobile phone batteries and circuit boards. Also, doing so may cause an explosion if a poor or aged charger is used.

The mobile phone is only charged when it runs out of power. You may have also had such an experience. The mobile phone reminds that it is about to shut down after 30 seconds, and then quickly find a charger to charge the mobile phone. Many people think that charging the phone when the power of the phone is exhausted is the correct way to charge, but it is wrong! The previous battery had a memory function, and it was necessary to let the phone run out of power and recharge it so that it could remember the size of the phone's battery capacity. The current lithium battery has no memory function, and there is no need to wait until the power is exhausted to recharge. The best charging time of the mobile phone is about 30%-50% of the remaining power. This period is the period when the battery is relatively stable as a whole.

Charging with computer USB interface

This is one of the charging methods most frequently used by office workers. When the company's mobile phone is out of power, plug it into the computer's USB port with a data cable, and connect the mobile phone to charge. As everyone knows, this hurts the phone very much. The current of the USB interface of the computer is very unstable, and it will fluctuate from strength to strength with the use of the computer, which will damage the ionization of the mobile phone board and shorten the service life of the mobile phone battery.

Charge your phone in a high temperature environment

Damage to cell phone batteries caused by high temperatures is permanent. When charging in a high temperature environment, if the mobile phone is still covered with a mobile phone case, the heat is difficult to dissipate. When the temperature reaches a certain height, it will cause permanent damage to the mobile phone. For example, the capacity of the lithium-ion battery will be permanently reduced. Many people are not aware of charging in a high temperature environment. For example, when traveling in summer, when the mobile phone is out of power, take out the power bank to charge, hold the power bank together with the mobile phone, and expose it to the sun. In addition, in the colder weather in winter, charging next to the fire or enabling other electric heating equipment is also charging in a high temperature environment.

The above charging methods that hurt your mobile phone may have been used by you who are reading this article. If it's a last resort, it doesn't matter once in a while, long-term

Using the above methods to charge will greatly reduce the life of the phone!


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