Why can't you sleep with your phone by the bed? Does the radiation increase during charging?

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In the era of rapid change of information age, mobile phones and computers have become an indispensable part of life, but in recent years, the high incidence of some diseases, especially chronic metabolic diseases and bone and joint diseases, make people pay more and more attention to the radiation problem of these electronic products.
As an electronic product that everyone keeps on hand, mobile phones play a relevant role in many aspects of daily work and study. Moreover, with the development of science and technology, mobile phone payment has become the current situation, effectively improving the troublesome problem of cash payment.

Everyone must have put their mobile phone on the bedside to charge before going to bed. This seemingly constant phenomenon has become a necessary topic for parents to tell their children. They can't put their mobile phone on the pillow, otherwise it will produce radiation and affect their health. Why can't you sleep with your phone by the bed? Does the radiation increase during charging? I hope you know

Why is it not recommended to put your phone by your bed when you sleep?

If you are reading this article, you are used to placing your mobile phone near your bed. Before going to bed, you should watch videos and play games to relieve your body fatigue and pass the time before going to bed. Besides, the alarm clock locked on your mobile phone also plays a relevant role in the biological rest and rest of the second day.

In clinical practice, the behavior of putting mobile phones on the bed is classified as a problem of electrical radiation. Especially, the ionizing radiation generated during the charging process tends to be in a dispersed state, which will bring damage and inflammation to the human body to a certain extent. Compared with the radiation of CT and nuclear radiation, it is much sligher.
Medical analysis and experiments show that the frequency of mobile phone radiation decreases with the charging speed, which can avoid side effects on the body to a certain extent. For clinically suffering from brain tumor symptoms, more than 88% of the population have the habit of playing mobile phones, and put the mobile phone before going to bed.

However, through certain experiments and analysis, it can not be directly determined that mobile phone radiation is associated with cancer disease. There is a lack of certain scientific proof, but it can not be completely denied. Mobile phone is one of the suspected carcinogenic elements. In particular, the radiation emitted by mobile phones in the charging process is called Class 2B carcinogenic substances in clinical medicine.
So do not charge the video game cell phone, otherwise it will aggravate the radiation effect on the body.
Often go to bed to play mobile phone, what harm brings to the body?

【diminution of vision】

Many people lie on their side when they play mobile phones before going to bed. In terms of medical treatment, if they keep the habit of playing mobile phones for a long time, the obvious symptoms will be a large gap in vision between the two eyes, and astigmatism will occur in a short time due to the radiation from the mobile phone screen.

【Disturbed sleep】

Mobile phone screen will emit a certain blue light, and this blue light will hinder the decomposition and excretion of melatonin in the body, which directly affects the quality of sleep. Especially in the process of playing mobile phone, it will stimulate the central nervous system of the brain, making people enter a state of excitement in a short time, leading to insomnia and shallow sleep.

【Appearance of joint disease】

Playing mobile phones for a long time will also cause harm to the bones and joints, especially the fingers and lumbar parts, will produce indirect effects, people who play games for a long time, the risk of bone and joint pain and discomfort will increase, especially the little finger will appear depression induced tenosynovitis and other diseases.


【ImPaired Skin Integrity】

Skin damage is mainly caused by the internal environment and the external environment, such as long-term exposure to ultraviolet radiation, will affect the secretion of melanin and the synthesis of antioxidants, resulting in skin lack of vitamins and nutrients, dry and acne problems.
Lying for a long time to play mobile phone, in addition to the impact on sleep quality, but also directly lead to damage to the surface of the skin, a short time within some parts of the skin swelling phenomenon, especially the skin surface dry skin is the most obvious, but also easy to form a vicious cycle, accelerate skin aging.

How far can you put your phone to avoid radiation problems?
According to the relevant medical authority data shows that it is best to put the mobile phone in the position of 50 cm away from the human body when sleeping at night, the radiation generated by the mobile phone will bring fewer side effects to the human body.
Of course, if the phone is placed directly in the living room or other rooms, as long as it is not in the bedroom, it can directly avoid the occurrence of radiation problems.
Therefore, it is recommended that you do not play with mobile phones before going to bed, and do not put mobile phones at the head of the bed, so as to avoid radiation problems, but also to ensure the stable repair of the central nervous system of the brain, not only to maintain the blood supply and oxygen capacity of the heart and various organs, but also to help the metabolism of the kidney and liver detoxification, repair function.

If the time before bed is too boring, can not fall asleep immediately, also try not to play with the phone, can through other ways to divert attention, such as reading, or plan to play with the phone time, the best in about half an hour, not more than an hour.
In this way, to a certain extent, mobile phones can avoid the impact on vision, but also to avoid stimulating the central nervous system of the brain, especially growing children, must stay away from electronic products.

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