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HDMI 2.1 Cable

Foreign customers contact us they need a product that its transmission speed can reach 48Gbps, and hope that the appearance can be novel and fashionable, and with the exquisite packaging.
We designed a product for him with zinc alloy shell and braided, which looks more textured. Through the efforts of the research and development team, combined with the customer's ideas to design the appearance of the product, as well as the selection of wire structure, so that the product can meet the customer's needs and get customer satisfaction.At present, this product is the first choice and the new product launched in 2020, which is in continuous production and sales.
Product features:
Support 8K @ 120Hz (7680 * 4320) ultra high definition audio and video synchronous transmission, downward 
compatibility, 4kx2k @ 60Hz
Support dynamic HDR 48Gpbs bandwidth.
Support 3m extension, long distance transmission, without any image quality distortion.
3D visual effect, no delay, no lag, stable transmission and no splash screen.
Switch at will between same screen and expansion modes.
Zinc alloy connector is durable.
Cotton braid is resistant and not easily broken.
Novel appearance, science fiction, beautiful

PC: HDMI 8K computer & notebook output.
Display: HDMI 8K TV & monitor input.


1. Application:
Used for microwave equipment and digital communication equipment. In RFID systems, need a lot of radio frequency cable components, such as the connection between the reader and the antenna. Cable assembly is suitable for connection between cabinet and module, cabinet and cabinet, antenna and feeder cable, and feeder cable and cabinet. It is widely used in the field of mobile communication, military radar, navigation, electronic countermeasures, weapon systems, medical equipment and so on to transmit high frequency signals.
2. Features and performance description:
Light weight and good flexibility.
Ultra-low loss and super soft
High working frequency, good shielding, high reliability, low attenuation, small standing wave
It has excellent mechanical stability, excellent temperature stability and excellent medium uniformity.

3. Characteristic parameters:
1. S11 @40G -17.4 dB Max
2. S21 (IL) @ 40G -3.0 dB Max
           28G -2.1 dB Max
           12G -1.3 dB Max
3. Max VSWR 40G under 1.3V
4. TYPE 1.85mm , up to 65GHz
TYPE 2.4mm, up to 50GHz
TYPE 2.92mm, up to 40GHz


1. Application:
Design for TYPE C earphone interface, compatible with over 98% of earphones and suitable for various brands of mobile phones.

2. Features and performance description:
Small and portable, plug and play, lossless tone quality, no current noise, stable transmission, precise transfer, and restore authentic music charm.
Adopt advanced production process, select material strictly, verify strictly, to ensure the plug contact is reliable and stable, firm and durable.


1. Product features:
USB-C to HDMI CABLE, support resolution up to 3840* 2160@60hz (4K)
Gold-plated connector, durable, excellent oxidation resistance, long service life
The jacket of wire is pliable and easy to receive.

2. Application:
You can mirror your Macbook display to your HDMI port on your TV or monitor in up to 4K HDTV or other display devices.
The laptop connects to a 4K display and supports Netflix, YouTube, Amazon prime, Hulu.
Please note that the Macbook 2015 only supports 4K @ 30HZ


1. Product features:
Support USB3.0 ultra-high speed (5Gbps) transmission, downward compatibility with USB2.0.
Support HDMI resolution up to 4K*2K @30HZ, 9Gbps bandwidth,
USB-C CM port not only support charging, but also support data transmission, as USB-C charging port: connect the USB-C charging port to the power adapter (including the DP adapter), it can charge the host and support the adapter to work at the same time.

2. Application:
Use a 1.4 HDMI cable or high version cable, and an external display that supports 4K resolution.

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