A Letter To Clients

Hello! I am Jun Yuan, the founder of Jiu Mutong, and I am very happy to introduce our company to friends all over the world. Thank you!

In 2006, Dongguan Jiumutong Industrial Co., Ltd. was established with a registered capital of 50 million yuan.

Mainly produce all kinds of data connection cables, including USB / HDMI / TYPE-C / DP /DC /RCA/Audio/ braided cable / magnetic cable / hub / HUB / earphones, etc. We have 14 years of production experience. Our products are widely used in communications, televisions, speaker equipment, home theater equipment, medical and automotive fields.

JMTO has strong R&D and design capabilities, a number of product invention patents, and advanced manufacturing levels. More than 30 sets of automation equipment, and national testing laboratories guarantee the quality of our products. high-tech enterprises.

Main customer groups: Huawei, Bull, OPPO, Skyworth TV, TOSHIBA MOLEX, etc.

We are constantly learning, constantly developing new products and new technologies. I hope to help more customers solve communication connection problems, and I also look forward to more friends from all over the world choosing us, guiding us, and letting us grow together with you!

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Why Work with Us

Provide solutions for customers

With 14 years of work experience, a strong R&D team, and more than 40 R&D patents, we can provide customers with new solutions for transmission and connection in all communications equipment fields, seamless docking, and free samples.

Automated operation, precise and efficient

According to the technology and characteristics of different connecting lines, we have realized the operation of replacing people by machinery, 70% of the products are all automated, the yield rate has been improved, and the production efficiency has also been improved.

Independent laboratory, quality assurance

We are a national-level laboratory with complete testing products, and the equipment is testing and analyzing products every day to ensure that the quality of each product is qualified.

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