Why Choose Us

Provide solutions for customers

With 12 years of work experience, a strong R&D team, and more than 40 R&D patents, we can provide customers with new solutions for transmission and connection in all communications equipment fields, seamless docking, and free samples.

Automated operation

According to the technology and characteristics of different connecting lines, we have realized the operation of replacing people by machinery, 70% of the products are all automated, the yield rate has been improved, and the production efficiency has also been improved.

Independent laboratory, quality assurance

We are a national-level laboratory with complete testing products, and the equipment is testing and analyzing products every day to ensure that the quality of each product is qualified.

Continuous optimization of process, cost advantage

1.Due to the introduction of automated production lines, we have saved 30% of labor, and our costs have been effectively reduced.

2.With the integration of upstream and downstream supply chains, our raw material costs have certain advantages over peers.

100% on-time delivery

We have 22 production lines with a daily production capacity of 150,000. After placing an order, we can deliver bulk goods within 10 days.

Supported by strong sales service.

If the product has any quality problems, we can help customers provide replacement services.


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