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Provide solutions for customers

1.With 16 years of work experience, a strong R&D team, and more than 50R&D patents, we can provide customers with new solutions for transmission and connection in all communications equipment fields, seamless docking, and free samples
2.We will design new products every quarter for customers to choose;
3.Help customers to better develop the market;

Automated operation, low processing cost, and advantageous unit price

According to the technology and characteristics of different connecting lines, we have realized the operation of replacing people by machinery, 70% of the products are all automated, the yield rate has been improved, and the production efficiency has also been improved. The unit price can be lower;

There is a complete quality control process

1. All raw materials will be inspected at the factory;
2. During the manufacturing process, we have pre-production samples, the first piece, and the quality personnel will inspect the product every 2 hours, and the product will be inspected before it is put into the carton;
3. Products need to be inspected before they are shipped from the warehouse;
4.We have our own CANS laboratory, we can do various physical tests;

The unit price of material cost is low

1.With the integration of upstream and downstream supply chains, our raw material costs have certain advantages over peers.
2. We have our own connector factory;
3. The quantity of products is large, we purchase materials in a centralized manner, and the unit price will be lower;
4. Our payment to manufacturers is very fast and timely, so manufacturers are willing to provide us with low unit prices;

100% on-time delivery

1. We have 22 production lines with a daily production capacity of 150,000.
2. We have some products in stock, and the delivery cycle is 7-10 days;
3. For customized products, the delivery cycle is 3-4 weeks;
4. After receiving the PO, we will conduct process control from PO review, material order time, material arrival time, product launch time, trial production time, mass production time, to ensure that there is no problem in delivery;

Supported by strong sales service.

1.If the product has any quality problems, After confirmation, it is our problem, we can make up the product for free;
2.We will arrange some extra spare parts according to the order quantity;


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