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JMTO national laboratory introduction

JMTO laboratory is specialized for the detection of electronic and electronic products produced by JMTO. The laboratory area is about 540 square meters, and the office area is 24 square meters.
"Integrity, justice, science, efficiency, satisfaction" is our laboratory policy.
Development history:
In June 2016, the laboratory system of JMTO began to operate.
On April 17, 2018, approved by CNAS, registration number: L10935;
On June 6, 2019, passed CNAS regular supervision and review;
Certificate of approval: ISO/ iec 17025:2017。

The laboratory's approved testing capabilities are as follows:
1. Cable bending test
2. Connector durability test
3. Overall insertion and extraction force test
4. Salt spray test
5. Low temperature test
6. Constant temperature and humidity test
7. High temperature test
8. Temperature change


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