• Q How does the factory achieve effective process control?

    Nowadays, with the continuous rising of labor costs, profits of factory begin and keep declining. Therefore, at the meantime of constantly introducing advanced production equipments to improve work efficiency, it is necessary to carry out effective process control to reduce operating costs.
    Process control needs to be controlled from the following aspects:
    (1) Samples, drawings, SOPs, molds, etc. need to be confirmed in the preliminary R&D process to ensure the feasibility of mass production.
    (2) During mass production, purchasing and PMC departments need purchase and coordinate to ensure the on-time delivery of materials to meet the needs of the production plan.
    (3) IQC should strictly inspect the materials according to approval drawings of components to ensure that their quality meets standards.
    (4) Production team should focus on 7S management and strict on-site control. Workers should strictly follow SOP, OPQC and QC control the quality during the production process.
    (5) OQC makes pre-shipment inspection.
    Only with the cooperation of sales, R&D, PMC, and quality department can we improve process control, ensure product quality and help the company run more smoothly.
  • Q Why is there a big difference in the price of USB cables?

    The factors that affect the price of USB cables are as follows:
    (1) The internal structure of the cable, thickness of the copper wire will both affect the charging speed for mobile phone, and whether it can successfully connect with the computer and mobile phone. Generally, the price will be higher if the quality of copper wire is better.
    (2) The jacket wrapped around the surface of the cable is mainly for protection. The difference in material will also affect the lifespan of cable, so different material of jacket will also affect the price.
    (3) The quality of the data cable plug, gold or nickel plating, will also affect the usage and price of cable.
    Therefore, there are many products on the market that look the same, but the price and quality vary greatly. This requires consumers to know how to distinguish.
  • Q What is the process of cable assembly?

    In our daily life, the cable looks very simple, both ends are the plug, connect with a wire in the middle, but the actual assembly has a lot of procedures.The brief introduction is as follows:
    Cutting wire →stripping the jacket → cutting aluminum foil → twisting wire → tin-dipping → soldering → riveting iron shell → inner and outer molding → electrical testing → appearance inspection → packaging.
  • Q What if I want a customized product?

    We have a professional team to make design scheme for you. Once you confirm, we will make design and drawings, as well as arrange sample for your verification.
    After the two parties sign the contract, we will start small-scale trial production, verification, and subsequent mass production.
  • Q What is the website customer service hotline?

    A You can call 0769-82369999 for information.
  • Q Does your USB CABLE/HDMI CABLE comply with the association standards?

    A Yes, our products are designed and manufactured in accordance with the USB CABLE/HDMI CABLE Association specifications.
  • Q How many kinds of masks do you have?


    1.Disposable non-woven mask.

    2.KN95 folding mask

    3.KN95 cat mask for children

    4.KN95 children cute mask

  • Q If I order 100,000 units, when will they be delivered?

    A Many orders are waiting for production and they will be arranged in the order of payment.Normal 2-5 days.We will confirm the delivery time with the customer before placing the order.
  • Q How about your production capacity?

    A We can produce half a million disposable masks a day.KN95 respirators can produce 60,000 masks a day, with two to four more machines to follow.
  • Q Can I order masks now?

    A You can.Our production never stopped.
  • Q What's your minimum quantity?

    A The minimum order quantity is 10K. If there is any additional requirement, please contact us.But the price varies with the quantity.
  • Q How about the price?

    A The supply and demand of the existing mask market is expanding disproportionately, and the raw material market fluctuates greatly, so our quotation changes according to the market.
  • Q Are you a manufacturer?

    A Yes, we are a manufacturer with more than ten years' experience.We have our own mould and production line.
  • Q What are your terms of payment?

    A Confirm 60% payment in advance after order and 40% before shipment. If you have any other payment requirements, please discuss details with our sales staff
  • Q What is the size of the disposable mask?Is there standard export packing?How about the packing?What's the weight of a box?


    1. The size of disposable mask is 175*95mm

    2. Yes, it can be packed according to the customer's requirements.

    3. 50PCS in a package and 2000PCS in a box

    The weight of one carton is 8.5kg

  • Q How long is your delivery time?

    A It depends on the quantity of the goods. Generally, we produce 50k-100k in four days and deliver the goods on the fifth day. We will confirm the delivery time with the customer and then place the order.
  • Q Is BFE rating an important factor to consider when choosing a mask?

    A Yes!Bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE) must be 95% or above to meet the minimum requirements for a medical-grade mask.As for bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE), 95% or more.In addition, we also need to consider the size of the mask (it must be close enough to cover the nose, mouth and chin), the firmness of the nasal line, air permeability and the comfort of the ear hanger.
  • Q Why is the mask I received so thin?Is this an inferior mask?

    A Mask surface thickness cannot be used as an indicator of mask quality.The quality of the mask must be confirmed by laboratory tests.
  • Q transporting


    1. Airlift to the airport

    2. Sea transportation

    3. International express

  • Q Do you provide samples of masks?Is the sample free or extra?

    A Yes, we can, the sample is 10pcs, there will be an extra charge, but you need to pay the freight and sample fee.

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