Find the right USB-C cable and charger for your needs with these new logos

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USB Type-C Power Cable


  • The USB Implementers Forum has released new USB-C logos for certified cables and chargers.
  • The new logos should make it clear which USB-C cables support the newer 240W power charging standards.
  • There are also new logos to help identify cables with the USB4 data delivery standards.


Buying a new smartphone, tablet, or laptop is complicated enough for many people. However, it becomes even more complicated when you want to buy a new USB-C cable and charger for your device or for transferring data. Today, the USB Implementers Forum, which helps support the various USB standards, has approved packaging and product logos for the newer devices that support the most recent advances.

usb c logos

-USB Implementers Forum

The new logos should clearly identify which cables support the new 240W charging standard. Cables with that certification are being made primarily for powering new laptops. The logos, which should soon start showing up on new USB-C cable accessories, can show the 240W capabilities, or they can show the combined 240W power charging and up to 40Gbps data transfer that the cables support. A separate logo for certified 240W USB chargers is also available to use.

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The new logos come just a few days after the European Commission proposed that all mobile electronic devices implement USB-C for the standard charging port. While it may be a while before this becomes a reality, it’s clear that the people in charge of promoting USB-C want to make sure consumers know which cable or charger they are buying. That could make it easier for the EU to approve USB-C as the universal charging technology for mobile devices.


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