The longer the cable, the slower the charge? Many people don't know the answer. No wonder it takes so long to charge

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When we buy a new mobile phone, we usually send a data cable, but often the data cable is short, we will buy a longer spare, used for bedside charging, office charging and so on, after all, the data cable is too short really affect the mood of playing mobile phone.

So with different lengths of data cable, 1 meter and 3 meter cable charging and transfer speed is the same? What about data lines of different thicknesses? Do length and thickness matter for charging and transfer speed? Today we are going to talk about the thickness of the mobile phone data cable and the charging speed of those things!

1.the longer the data cable, the slower the charging?
In theory, this is true.
The shorter the length of the data cable, the smaller the loss caused by the wire, the faster the charging speed will be; Similarly, once the length of the data cable becomes longer, the greater the resistance will be formed, and the charging speed will become relatively slower.
Not only is the charging speed a problem, but the length of the data cable can also affect data transmission. If too long data line is used as the carrier, then line noise will be easy to error code, thus affecting the efficiency of mobile phone data transmission.
But in practice, under the premise of quality assurance, as long as you don't use too long data cable, the difference in charging speed is basically negligible.


2, the thinner the data cable, the slower the charge?
Theoretically speaking, thicker data line will indeed be more thin data line capable!

The resistance is related to the cross section of the Wire. The internal wire unit of the data wire is AWG, which represents American Wire Gauge. The smaller the value behind it, the thicker the diameter of the wire, the larger the electric flow it can carry, and the faster the charging speed.

Specifically, it can be simply understood as water discharge from pipes. In the same case, thicker pipes will flow through more water. If the pipes are too thin or too long, the transmission speed will not be very good.


In addition, the material of a data wire core is mainly divided into tinned copper, aluminum magnesium wire, enamelled wire, copper wire, copper foil wire, bare copper, galvanized iron core and iron core and so on.
Pick up our physics knowledge, metal conductivity rank silver > copper > aluminum > iron > zinc > tin.
Therefore, the data wire of silver plated copper is basically high-end, followed by tinned copper, bare copper, or aluminum magnesium wire, enamelled wire, copper foil wire, and then to the lower level may be copper core plating, iron core galvanized, steel clad steel, steel ladle iron and so on.

When you buy the data line, you can also take a look at the product introduction page which lists the material and data of the inner core of the data line, which is also increased knowledge.
In addition, many businesses will cover the data cable with metal braided mesh and a layer of aluminum foil shielding layer, which can not only improve the charging and data transmission efficiency, but also enhance the drawing performance of the data cable.
Of course, there will also be some unscrupulous businesses will falsely thicken the skin of the data line to show the thickness, we do not easily be fooled when buying.

So with all that said, how do you choose the right data cable?
First of all, we should choose according to the actual use scenario of the data cable.

A. Charging
For most people, the mobile phone data cable is used to charge, transmission of data is not very useful, in this case, according to the need to choose: dormitory or bed, you can choose 2 meters or longer; Spare in the bag, 25 cm short thread will do; For the office, one meter or 1.5 meter is just fine.
In theory, under the premise of qualified quality, choose the thicker kind is OK, as long as it is not particularly long (more than 5 meters), charging speed is not a big impact.

B. Transmission
If your cable is primarily used to transmit data, that's a different story. On the premise of ensuring quality, choose a thicker or shorter transmission data will be better, after all, for the transmission of data, using too long data wire to transfer data, too slow speed can be maddening.
If the wire is not good, the wire diameter is small, even if the length meets the requirements, the transmission performance will be greatly reduced, and even the data line fever, it can be a mess.

To sum up:
The length and thickness of the data cable have an impact on charging and transmission speed, but simply for charging, the impact is not large, can be ignored; For data transmission, it is better to choose the shorter and thicker type.
From the use efficiency, of course, is the original charging set is the best, if you want to choose to use the third party data cable, as far as possible to choose some big brands, look at its specific parameters, especially Apple users, but also to choose those through MFi certified products.


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