Why did silicone wire become popular and received Apple's praise

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Liquid silicone data line is full of controversy, once two years ago, there were manufacturers began to test the silicone data charging line process, but the early edge of the product appeared to break, referred to as the edge, until this year, some manufacturers after the modified silicone production process, so far the silicone data charging line began to monopolizing. At present, the application of silicone wire products covers all kinds of 3C electronic charging, data transmission, wearable audio transmission, sensors, energy storage connection, LED power supply, medical equipment connection, motor motor, equipment connection, etc., which have special needs for environmental temperature, chemical resistance, flame retardant, flexible connection, environmental protection, touch experience and so on.

Advantages of silicone data cable

Soft: Hardness range 20A-80A can meet the range of -45℃-250℃ is still soft, no cracking and no surface adhesion.

Environmental protection: no organic matter precipitation, in line with FDA/LFGB/REACH/ROHS, etc.

Insulation: The use of polymer insulation conductor, wire surface insulation resistance ≥1.5*10^15Ω.

Data transmission: The signal cable is covered with low dielectric insulation material, which has less impact on signal loss.

Electrical insulation: Breakdown strength ≥ 15KV.MM¯1

Durability: Lifting weight 500G, plus or minus 60 degrees, frequency 60 times /MIN, swing 15000 times none

Short circuit does not have bad open circuit.

Surface touch: Due to the special treatment of the surface of the silicone wire, the friction coefficient of the surface is reduced

Reduced sliding resistance will feel smooth and soft. The surface tension of the treated silicone wire is only about 23 dynes, and the general substance is more difficult to stay on the surface of the silicone wire, so the surface of the silicone wire has stains, just use soapy water

Wipe off easily.

Antistatic: The silicone rubber surface is coated with excellent antistatic and dustproof properties

Antimicrobial properties: Silicone rubber is formulated to meet ASTM G21-15 and T24128-2018 Antimicrobial product standards

Corrosion resistance: Silicone rubber is a non-polar polymer and has considerable resistance to various polar liquids

Sex such as alcohol, ketones can swell slightly, the solvent can be reduced after volatilization, for non-polar solvents, will dissolve

Swelling and slight dissolution, such as aromatic hydrocarbons, lipids, ethers, gasoline, etc., the solvent can be reduced after volatilization, but the strength will be slightly reduced.

Safety: silicone rubber is organic matter at room temperature, and will be converted to inorganic substances at high temperature. It is a non-flammable material and can reach UL 94V0 after special treatment.


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