USB 3.1 Printer Cable
USB 3.1 Printer Cable
USB 3.1 Printer Cable
USB 3.1 Printer Cable
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USB 3.1 Printer CableUSB 3.1 Printer Cable

Product Code: JC040
Material: PVC/TPE etc.
Length: 1M/2M
Transmission speed: 5Gbps
Interface: USB A, Micro-B,
Color: White, Black
Our service: "OEM/ODM/cross-border e-commerce (Amazon/eabay, etc.)/support wholesale agent/support retail
Our certification: ISO9001/IS014001/ISO13485/HDMI member/USB member/UL Certification.
Main products: usb cable/hdmi cable/type-c cable/computer peripheral cable/charger/adapters

  • Model:JC040
  • Brand:JMTO
  • Product Description

Those who consult in our shop can send samples 2PCS free of charge.

USB 3.0 Printer Cable

USB 3.0 is the most popular way to connect a wide variety of the latest high speed peripheral devices such as printers and external hard drives to computers or laptops.The USB 3.0 standard supports transfer rates up to 5Gbps and is fully compatible with USB 2.0 devices although will be restricted to USB 2.0 speeds when used with these products

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The USB A end will typically go into your computer or laptop with the USB B end connecting to an external device.The most common use is for printers although many devices can use the USB B connector such as external hard drives, photography equipment and servers.

JMTO has been verified on site by TÜV Rheinland inspection company.

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Product Features:

USB 3.0 A Male to USB 3.0 B Male Connectors

USB 3.0 Standard

Solid and Robust Construction

Supplied in a Sealed Polythene Bag

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