Slow charging? Take a look at these tips and you may be know the reason.

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Mobile phones have played an integral role in our daily life. There are various kinds of mobile phones, such as folding screen, hole screen, 100 million pixels, water drop screen, high refresh rate... The selling point of mobile phones is more and more fancy, but the only thing that matters to everyone is long battery life and fast charging.

Today's mobile phones use electricity faster and faster due to the rise in power consumption. Some mobile phones can't even meet the high intensity battery life of a day. It's not like the old days when you could remove the battery. It's dead, right? Just change one piece.

In order to pursue frivolity, we can't change the battery capacity of the manufacturer, but we can change the charging rate. Now we also have fast charging technology up to 120W. The key to a charging rate, however, is a good cable. There are a lot of people who don't know how important data lines are, so let's talk about that.

01 Data cable thickness

The most important part that affects the charging speed is the wire in the data line, which usually has many roots, including power supply and transmission data, and the conductor wrapped in each wire is generally copper wire. The better material will use tinned copper wire, while many shanzhai wire is iron wire. The thicker the wire, the more current it can carry, so the thicker the data wire, the faster the charge.

But a good data line inside is not only wire, but also metal braided net, it plays a better magnetic field interference shielding effect, to protect the anti-interference of data transmission, but also greatly enhance the pull-out performance of data line.

It is better to have another layer of aluminum foil shielding layer, such a double-layer shielding process, can protect the wire from easy damage, ensure the service life of the data line, but also to ensure the stability of signal transmission. Some of the best data lines are also padded with cotton thread or other padding to increase fracture resistance.

02 Length of data cable

Many friends in order to more convenient use of mobile phones when charging, they hope that the longer the data line, the better, you can play mobile phones while charging.

But in fact, the length of the data line will affect the charging speed, because the wire itself is resistance, theoretically speaking, the shorter the length of the data line, the smaller the loss of the wire, the faster the charging speed will be; The longer the cable, the more resistance it will have and the slower it will charge.

However, this does not mean that long data lines cannot be used. Some high-quality data lines, while increasing their length, will compensate for the loss of current in other ways, such as using thicker wires.

03 Interface of data cable

At present, most mobile phones and computers are Type-C interfaces. Except for Apple's Lightning interface, all the others are the same, consisting of pins, electric shock, shell, chip and so on.

The metal case is gilded in order to be more resistant to insertion and removal and not rust, but the pin is gilded in order to improve the performance of the data line. The advantages of the gold plating process are small impedance and small power loss.

When purchasing the data cable, choose the appropriate length, not too long, so as not to have an impact on the charging rate.

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