Apple expects to fully switch to USB-C cable peripheral accessories by 2025 will also follow

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Apple is expected to change all peripheral accessories to USB-C ports before 2025, including smart keyboard, smart control board, smart control mouse, AirPods Pro, AirPods, Apple Watch magnetic charging base, MagSafe mobile power supply, etc.

With the change of the iPhone 15 series to the USB-C port, Apple in addition to the synchronous launch of the new AirPods Pro with the design of the USB-C port, but also launched the Lightning adapter corresponding to the USB-C port. And if there is no accident, Apple is also expected to replace a number of peripheral accessories with USB-C port design.

If there is no accident, it is expected to be changed into the peripheral accessories of the USB-C port, which are the smart keyboard, smart control board and smart control mouse that were previously charged with Lightning port, and AirPods Pro, which also used Lightning port as the charging interface, are also included. And AirPods wireless headphones.

In addition, charging accessories that were also designed with Lightning port in the past, such as the magnetic charging dock of the Apple Watch and the MagSafe mobile power supply that can be fixed to charge the iPhone through the MagSafe magnetic interface, are expected to be relaunched with a USB-C port.

At present, Apple has replaced the USB-C port design with the Mac and iPad series models, in fact, many peripheral accessories have been replaced by USB-C interface design, and even charging accessories are almost based on USB-C connection design, and it is almost difficult to see to maintain the USB-A interface design style

According to Bloomberg News reporter Mark Gurman believes that Apple is expected to transition all products originally designed with Lightning connection interface to USB-C port design by 2025. However, this is only Apple's internal schedule, after all, there are still many groups using Lightning cable in the market, so Apple should not completely stop the Lightning cable in a short time, but other non-main use accessories should be discontinued in the next 1-2 years, and converted to USB-C connection interface design.

Even if Apple completely stops production of Lightning corresponding accessories, there should still be brand operators in the market to continue to sell them, so that Lightning user groups (such as users of old iphones) can continue to use them, but with the advance of time, it should also gradually step into production.

In addition to accessories, Apple should also use the USB-C port design in the next iPhone SE.


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