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Why Visit a Factory?

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Today  has a Customer visiting, Very glad for us to spend deep communication time with Our North American clients!
Since China opened after the Covid, we have chance to have more and more customers visit us.   Today, our customer also told me that Covid change the world and the way of people think.   And They prefer to Face to Face talk, even can call each other or have video meetings.   He told me Factory tours are one of the most valuable activities he undertakes
So what benefits for a customer to Take A Factory Tour?
Relationships between you and suppliers
Visit a factory, it will be A long journey, especially a factory in another country, but it is a wonderful way to build relationships with the suppliers and show them your seriousness and the background of your project.   Connecting personally and building great supplier relationships face-to-face leads to better service, better quotations, and better results for your project.

Earning your supplier’s trust can gain more support from them, trust is built when they fully know you and our project!   involve them in your project at the earliest stages, and ensures they become strategic partners, vested in the project’s success.   This kind of relationship is more than selling and buying.
Communication Face by Face
Effective supplier relationships need excellent communication.   Visiting your suppliers and seeing how they work is a crucial part of developing and agreeing on a communication style that leads to success for your project.   To know The way of their thinking and disappearing Cognitive blind spots.
Changing from a purely transactional mindset and promoting the way you connect and coordinate with your suppliers will lead to advantages in the speed and efficiencies of purchasing products, reducing lead times and promoting perfect orders.
Knowledge of Products
Knowledge is power and Factory visiting provides a powerful way to learn firsthand how products be produced and processed.
Talking face to face with the technology director and workshop technology experts, seeing the raw materials melting and activities that go into the manufacturing process, and witnessing the final quality checks and packing details not only provides you with intimate knowledge of that particular product – the innovative manufacturing processes you witness may also inspire your thinking about your own working methods and more suggestions to your customers
Evaluating a new supplier and the products they produce from a distance is possible nowadays, but nothing will tell you the whole story like a factory tour.
You may already be familiar with the product range and QC, while the benefits of a site visit to the factory and head office enable you to see – from the inside – the way the business works, how they manage their processes & production runs, what their quality management looks like and how sustainable and responsible their manufacturing is, and they are a trustful supplier or not.
Negotiation face by face
Strong negotiation can be the difference between a successful on-budget project and a failed one.   Where better to negotiate with a potential supplier than
A factory visit really is a great tour to build balanced and sustainable supplier relationships that will truly benefit your projects.   However, a visit is only as good as the planning and purpose you put into it, so before you go, organize your objectives and ask yourself a few key questions:
Do you need to be there to learn, test, or negotiate important questions?
Or is it all three above?
Do you want to build strong relationships?
Do you just check out capability or simply judge quality?


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