What's the difference between audio cable and audio cable?

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The sound wire is generally positive for oxygen free copper, and negative for tinned copper. Double skin color is red, both sides are brass, oxygen free copper core, the positive side is to do a red line as a mark. The sound line is composed of the corresponding copper core number, the more the copper core number, the better the effect, the higher the price, of course, but if it is a family line or ordinary speaker line, in fact, the choice of 200 to 300 is enough.

Audio line is used to transmit electro-acoustic signal or data line, through the signal of small current and small power, high impedance, easy to be interfered with, so it is generally shielded wire, wire diameter is generally relatively thin. The types of audio cables can be divided into two main categories, audio electrical cables and audio optical cables. Audio electrical cable is commonly used in the market. General specifications are: 3.5mm male to male audio extension cable, 3.5mm male to female audio extension cable, double lotus head audio cable and so on.

The sound line mainly transmits the power signal, so the sound box line is required to have excellent electrical conductivity and high quality transmission capacity. At present, oxygen free copper audio wire, also known as gold and silver wire, more mainstream, small resistance. Audio gold and silver wire is usually not shielded, because the current signal is larger than the audio and video wire, the signal amplitude is very large. The most important thing is to reduce the resistance of the line. The impedance of the power amplifier is very low.

The audio line through is a small power small current signal, and the impedance is high, easy to be interfered with, so it is generally shielded line, line is relatively thin. Audio cable is usually shielded, but audio cable is often not shielded, the key is to reduce resistance. In the deep blue Avenue sound line, the more expensive is the anaerobic copper sound box special line, the main characteristics are good electrical conductivity, low resistivity.

Audio signal cable can be used for mobile phones, CD players, MP3 music output signal equipment connected to the power amplifier between the connection line. Speaker cable is mainly used in various loudspeakers, PA engineering, home theater connection, public space broadcasting system.

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